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I've told them to stop and to leave me alone, but they keep at it.After I told them to stop and leave me alone, I stopped communication with them but they still kept tweeting me.

I thought that underclassmen should respect upperclassmen.They spam your Facebook throughout the game and it hurts people's feelings."" - 13 year-old girl from USA ""My daughter has recently been bullied by her so called "friends" so badly that we had to take her out of the school and enroll her in a private school which allows us to home school since it is such a distance to travel. They acted concern but did not act on the information.The bullying did not stop at school, it went on further onto Facebook.We read every one of these stories and please know that you are not alone.Even though it may seem like there is nothing that can be done to stop the cyberbullying, don’t give up.

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